I have been a jeweller for 20 years now and when customers would come and collect their dream ring I would always ask them...

“What’s the plan for the proposal?”

Naturally some individuals are happy to take care of the arrangements themselves in which case I am equally as happy to build the ring, give you an incredible experience throughout the whole process and finally at the ‘REVEAL’

However, every so often I would be met with

“I’m really not sure”

So I thought, let’s take the pressure off of my clients in the future…. How fantastic would it be to organise everything for a seamless proposal, discreetly whilst building their absolute dream ring.

So, MR. Proposal was created. My clients allow me and my team to book holidays, chauffeurs, restaurants, hotels and even flower and balloon arrangements whilst designing and building the ring of their dreams.

Not a wedding Planner, but rather a Proposal planner…..

I can now say I am the first Jeweller in the world to plan your Proposal and build your ring. 

Mr. Proposal

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